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The Green Plus was founded in Amsterdam in 2021 by 3 partners with a clear mission:

To have an increasingly positive impact on the world by making offsetting travel accessible and easy.

How we are


There are different ways to calculate your emission. For example, one can look at the impact of only burning the fuel however the honest way would be to look at the impact of both the production and the actual usage of the fuel. Since honesty is one of our core values it is needless to say we calculate your emission by looking at the full picture, well-to-wheel.

Next to that we work with the most recent science based emission factors which are constantly reviewed to ensure a realistic calculation of your footprint.


The calculation of someone's footprint is often based on the travel from airport to airport, whilst almost always people commute by car, taxi or train to get from one destination to the other.

With our analysis of existing travel data, we were able to develop our door-to-door model in which we can include the local impact of each trip as opposed to just the calculation between the from and to destination, the full picture.

Low-risk projects

Unfortunately compensation projects can sometimes fail, whether due to unforeseen circumstances or even simply a lack of oversight, such as forest fires or foul play.

Because we care about the quality of the carbon credits we purchase; we developed our own Five-Star quality and risk assessment method. Every project we invest in has been analyzed according to the five biggest success factors of a carbon offset project.

Investing in the future

We realise that offsetting your footprint by funding carbon offset projects is not the long-term solution in our fight against climate change.

By compensating through The Green Plus, you go beyond solely offsetting the impact. Instead, you will be automatically investing in projects and research that helps us in our transition towards a sustainable future.

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Unless there are immediate and large scale reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, the global carbon budget will run out by 2030.

IPCC report of 2021

How we make things


Because we believe in creating win-win solutions for the partners we work with, we developed multiple ways to easily integrate in your workflow. We are able to fully integrate with any travel agent thanks to our in-house designed and developed API. A request for an offset is as simple as a click of a button.

If you are looking for a more on-demand approach that doesn't need integration in your system, we developed an online tool where you can easily fill in the trips you'd like to offset.


For us at The Green Plus being independent is something we value as it means we can flexibly switch between different types of offset projects.

This gives us the freedom to constantly review the market in order to purchase the best carbon credits for our clients.

Smart Data

We know that time is precious. Often offsetting requires answering a series of questions regarding each journey in order to calculate your impact.

We developed a calculation method using a bank of comprehensive, trustworthy travel data that enables us to calculate your impact using only the origin and destination. Making offsetting accessible and easy

Together we can make
a change. Let's start today.

For more information about the options we offer, our project criteria, project portfolio or any other queries.

For more information about the options we offer, our project criteria, project portfolio or any other queries.